Endpin FAQ

Do you have to change your playing or technique?

Only as much as you want to. By allowing the bassist to easily adjust and experiment with different endpin orientations, the player decides how much change happens and how quickly. 

Lots of people shy away from ever trying an angled endpin because it just seems too extreme. It's a big jump to a very different place.

Sometimes a slight change in balance is all you need to be much more comfortable.  

With The Chromatic Endpin, anything from a radical to a slight change in balance and instrument orientation can be achieved in minutes. 

Why is it so expensive?

The Chromatic Endpin is actually one of the most affordable options if you want to try an angled endpin. 

Getting your bass drilled is about the same cost, with none of the benefits.

It isn't adjustable and you have to pay more if the angle isn't right and need it to be re-drilled. MANY basses have abandoned Laborie endpin holes because you only get one opportunity to do it right. 

Also, you have to run back and fourth to a repair shop* and it potentially devalues the instrument. 

If you pay $100-200 to have your bass drilled, another $50 for the fixed Laborie endpin, then decide you want the angle to be different, it would be cheaper and a lot nicer to the bass to have just used The Chromatic Endpin to begin with. 

*This also doesn't account for the spared time. Drilling your bass means you have to get in the car and travel to the bass shop and eat up an afternoon. Would you rather do that or click a button and just wait for your endpin kit to show up?

How strong is it? It looks like it will snap!

The Chromatic Endpin is rated for basses up to 30lbs. Emilio Guarino  played exclusively on an early prototype (which he still uses) for two years before the device was available for sale. 

Additionally, we have done stress tests to failure to determine that there is an adequate margin of safety. 

What size endpin does The Chromatic Endpin fit?

The base model fits 10mm endpin housings. Other sizes will be available at a later date. 

What happened to the Kickstarter? 

We raised money on Kickstarter to fund the initial batch and only came up with about half of what we needed. The campaign didn't work out, but we made it happen anyway. The endpin is available here, right now!

Where is the endpin made? 

The Chromatic Endpin is designed and produced in the United States. 

What is it made out of?

Aerospace-grade aluminum, steel alloys, and rubber. 

Emilio Guarino