The Chromatic Endpin - Complete Kit

The Chromatic Endpin - Complete Kit


An adjustable, angled endpin that allows the bassist to alter the height of the bass like a traditional endpin and also change the way the bass balances, without any modifications to the bass.

This allows the bassist to experiment at home and find an optimal playing posture and bass setup. As your technique progresses, you can quickly and easily adjust The Chromatic Endpin to accomodate your needs.  

Kit Includes:
-Notched 10mm, notched 12mm, or smooth 1/2" endpin
-Adjustable Joint
-4" Lower Rod with rubber ball end
-6" Lower Rod with rubber ball end
-5/32" Hex Wrench
-14mm Box Wrench
-FREE Carrying Pouch
-All necessary nuts and screws

This option includes everything necessary to assemble and adjust The Chromatic Endpin. 

Our 1/2" version works with the very popular (and excellent!) New Harmony Endpin fittings. 

Not recommended for basses over 30lbs. 

**10mm kits currently ship within 24 hours. 12mm and 1/2" kits will be shipping in 2-4 weeks. 

Endpin Size:
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