The Chromatic Endpin

A strong, light, easy to adjust endpin that makes the double bass easier to play. 

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Discover Potential You Didn't Know You Had

problems playing double bass

Common Problems

Many bassists never really "settle in". 

They feel tense, awkward, tire quickly and even experience performance injuries. 

You shouldn't have to be stuck with these problems.


how the chromatic endpin works

How Our Endpin Is Different

A straight endpin only lets you balance the bass one way. 

The Chromatic Endpin opens up many possibilities.You can feel more of the bass's weight, make it feel light as a feather, or anywhere in between.

benefits of the chromatic endpin

The Benefits

When the bass is balanced, you stand comfortably on two feet with a neutral spine.

The instrument feels lighter, is easier to hold, and you're more comfortable. 


See The Chromatic Endpin In Action

Modular Design


Swapping lower rods is fast and simple. Attempting this while counting rests is possible, but not for the faint of heart!

Flexible and customizable

The Chromatic Endpin ships with two lower rods that allow even more setup flexibility. 

But this is just the beginning..

You will be able to swap rods for different diameters so you can use your Chromatic Endpin on different basses, as well as experiment with different materials (wood, carbon fiber, & various metals) to find the exact solution that works with your instrument and playing style. 


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